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Russia damaged the World's largest radio telescope

The invaders damaged the world's largest radio telescope

During the occupation, the Russian military was stationed on the territory of the experimental observatory in the Chuguyiv district of the Kharkiv region. They dug trenches and left behind a lot of ammunition and their remains.

According to Olga Naumenko, deputy head of the investigation department of the Chuguyiv district police department, the building of the institution is destroyed and most likely cannot be restored. It should be noted that this is the largest radio telescope not only in Ukraine but also in all of Europe. The territory covers more than 100 hectares.

Also, Russia is trying to get ballistic missiles from its allies: Iran and North Korea

"Moscow is already asking for missiles wherever it can. They are already in short supply of Iskander missiles, they have run out of stock. Therefore, they are trying to get ballistic missiles from their partners." - Yuriy Ignat, the spokesman of the Air Force Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, said.

The enemy still has a stockpile of X-22 missiles, but it is not clear what the condition of these missiles is and how exactly they will fly. Also, Russia has a surplus of missiles for the S-300 air defence system, - said the spokesman of the Air Force.

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