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Evolution Of Species according to science by Charles Darwin

Evolution is a theory that explains how life on Earth has diversified into millions of different species. Evolution is a key principle of biology and it connects and explains many facets of life.

The theory of evolution states that the diversity of life on Earth has evolved from a single common ancestor over time. Evolution works through a process known as natural selection. Natural selection makes it more likely for the best adapted individuals to survive and reproduce.

Individuals who reproduce are pass their traits on to their children. The children with the traits that are best adapted to survive are more likely to pass their traits on to the next generation. Over mulitple generations, the traits that offer the best chance of survival and reproduction spread across an entire population

In different environments, different adaptations are beneficial for survival. Over time, the organisms in different environments begin to evolve into different species because different adaptations are being selected for by natural selection.

For example, on land animals often have long, thin limbs to help them move around. In water however, limbs are not very helpful and animals are usually nicely streamlined and have short flattened fins.

Evolution addresses many aspects of life on Earth. The theory of evolution can help us to answer important questions such as why do so many different species exist on Earth? Why do different regions have unique species? How come different species can seem so similar? Why do different species have unique adaptations? And why do different species that live in similar habitats have similar adaptations?

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