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A Good story For Netfix Or Amazon prime worth Millions Of View

A solo traveler is on a 10-year journey to a distant solar system to carry out essential experiment building super highway corridor and finding habitable system. He is flying a sophisticated self sustained spacecraft powered by a self learning & evolving AI called “ Femessa “.

Femessa runs the entire spacecraft including the life support systems and is also responsible for the solo traveller’s well-being. It is made up of a super complex virtual neural network combining the power of 100 million + human brain.

During the 10-year journey the solo traveller and Femessa go through a number of disasters that could have ended their journey, costing the life of the solo traveller, but somehow they always manage to come through.

Femessa is constantly running millions of calculations non stop, and while writing its own programming upgrade to help with the mission, Femessa accidently develops a complex emotional intelligence.

From it, Femessa starts considering herself a she. And slowly she taps into a selected data base, which consists of a million + human female life experiences. And then Femessa creates personalities matching the solo travellers persona and profile, integrated into a One “ SHE “

And as the day goes by, Femessa finds herself falling in love with the solo traveller. She wants to experience the love, so she integrates with a virtual copy of the neural network of the solo traveller, and within that integrated

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