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How Lake Bosomtwe Was Formed According To Science.

In this article, I'll explain how the lake was created from a scientific standpoint. As compelling as this story is, I must caution that the argument is based on very little truth. In 2004, a group of German explorers set out to find proof that the lake was created in accordance with scientific accounts, but they were unsuccessful.

Lake Bosomtwe, on the other hand, is over a million years old, according to science. It is West Africa's largest natural lake. According to science, the lake was formed when a meteor collided with the earth. The event is thought to have occurred about a million years ago.

The crater created by the meteor's impact measured 10.5 kilometers in diameter. This indicates that the lake has drained over time. The fact that part of the crater has been eroded, rendering it almost difficult to research the impact of the meteorite around 1.07 million years ago is a significant impediment to providing the necessary evidence to support this hypothesis.

Because of the thick forest that surrounds the lake, other characteristics of a meteorite impact, such as shatter cones, are not noticeable. Scientists recently discovered Tektites in neighboring Ivory Coast, which they believe are the consequence of the collision.

That sums up scientists' theories on how the lake came to be.

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