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Footballers proving science- players good at this are automatically scientists

For a spherical object to curl around whiles moving is not as easy as it looks. We have seen sports men do it several times especially in football. This is a good technique footballers use when there is a free kick closer enough to score. 

For the ball to curl around a 5-men wall has a physics background known as Magnus effect. Magnus effect occurs when spinning spherical or cylindrical objects. The effect that we can observe is that the moving spinning object bends away from the intended direction of travel. The spin of the object alters the airflow around the body and by the conservation of momentum it causes the Magnus effect.

The effect is named after the German physicist Heinrich Gustav Magnus, who described the effect in 1852. Other scientists like Sir Issac Newton have explained this effect before Magnus, but it was Magnus who got honoured. This is because it was Magnus who did a more advanced work to make it well understood.

We can see alot of players trying to do this but ends up falling. This effect is also seen in cricket, golf, tennis and baseball.

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German Heinrich Gustav Magnus Issac Newton Magnus


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