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Strange places where force of gravity seems not to exist

Force of gravity or gravitational force is the force that pulls bodies towards the surface of the earth. That is why when you jump you come back downwards, that is the force of gravity.

The world is a universe and it's very big. It has lots of things in it, the earth is the safest place to stay because it is moderate when it comes to conditions.

Conditions like the weather because in Mercury which is also a planet, it is very hot and I don't think a human cam live there. A planet like Neptune is also very cold and a human can't live there or else he or she will freeze to death.

Remember that the closer the planet is to the sun, the hotter it is and the farther the planet is away from the sun, the coldest. The earth is a little bit near the sun that's why it's hot bit not extreme.

The earth has been recorded to be the safest place to live. Let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

There are amazingly great places on earth and you will be amazed to see them. Some places have no force of gravity and I will prove with the picture scenes.

Below are places where force of gravity seems not to exist:

In the picture above, there are few rocks on the ground and there is a large one right on top of it, there is a gap between them which means they don't touch.

This is very strange because it seems there is no force of gravity acting at that place.

In the picture above is a rock which has capsized and is almost falling but it is still standing firm. It seems there is no force of gravity there because if there were to be a force of gravity, it would have fell down.

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Mercury Neptune


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