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Meet the first human preparing to visit Mars By NASA

Since she was three years of age, Alyssa needed to satisfy her dream of being a space traveler. Alyssa is in the seventh grade at Baton Rouge International School, where she concentrates on every one of her subjects in 4 unique dialects. On October 9, 2013, she turned into the principal individual to finish the NASA Passport Program, going to each of the 14 NASA Visitor Centers in the US. She has shown up in a few programs, been reviewed in various papers and magazines. Alyssa needs to be one of the main people on Mars

At her young age, Alyssa as of now has a very amazing rundown of achievements, including: 

Go to Space Camp multiple times, Space Academy multiple times, and Robotics Academy 1 time 

Be the primary individual to finish every one of the NASA Space Camps on the planet, including Space Camp Turkey and Space Camp Canada 

Witness 3 Space Shuttle dispatches 

Go to Sally Ride Camp at MIT, and three Sally Ride Day camps 

Communicate in the following dialects: Spanish, French, Chinese, and some Turkish 

Convey inspirational addresses to different youngsters 

"Hi, my name is Alyssa Carson and at 3 years old, I needed to satisfy my fantasy about being a space traveler. I desire to be the first or one of the first on Mars. I couldn't imagine anything better than going to Mars since it is a planet that nobody has been to previously. It's about a similar size as the Earth and there are ice covers at the top and lower part of Mars. That implies there is water on Mars. This could be our next Earth. Simply consider every one of the things that are in Space. For instance planets, we have never investigated, systems that we have never known about, stars that simply indulge, dark openings that are pretty much as wide as the Sun to Pluto on various occasions and have the mass of a billion suns, portions of the universe that we have never seen. Simply think about all that stuff gliding around. It's beyond what you can envision".

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