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Meet the unknown Ghanain Scientist

I know you've probably wondered whether Africa is a partaker of International Space intrest. Ghana have had late or no development to it's space programming but there are Ghanians who are significant members of Famous space stations like NASA and professor Ave Kluze is no exceptions which is why this man has been branded the name, "GHANA'S ROCKET MAN".

Ave Kluze was born in hohoe , in the volta region of Ghana. The son of a man who served at the supreme court of Ghana, Anselmus Kluze.

Ave Kluze arrived in the United States of America in the 1980s with only a diploma certificate from adisadel collage and an "A" level from Sweden Secondary School. After his arrival in the US, he enrolled at Rutgers university a very famous university in America where he studied electrical Engineering.

Kluze had interest in Aviation ever since he was a child, he wouldn't let that dream go so he joined NASA.

Kluze has held position at various division in NASA. He is known to be the first African , the first Ghanian also to ever fly a space craft in Orbit.

Aside NASA, Ave Kluze has made global contribution to the world of Science. Including the designing of the Human Locator System which he called the "Hulos" as a requirement for his master's degree at the University of Johns Hopkins and it is invented to locate humans anywhere on this planet using satellite communication and GPS.

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