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Facts about 'Dragon and Dinosaur ' which are true

Dragons are to be believed that they are the only species which are narurally gifted to make fire from throat. Scientists have proven it and that's true .

Dragons come in the shape of many creatures.Millions of years ago dragons have been the only species on the planet Earth.

Scientists have also proven that dragons species exists before human and other species.

Dragons eggs are very hard to break due to their skin structure. Dragons can also fly for a long distance like 300 miles per an hour without resting.

Quite simple forms of life -mere cells -existence first, more and more complex forms of life develop later.

One way of grasping them is to think about dinosaur. Huge reptiles that also existed about 150 millions years ago but later became extinct.

They died out completely because they were just too big to survive. Please follow for more update about 'Dragons and Dinosaurs'.

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