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Meet the tree that grows gold

For many times we have heard our parents and other people says: “stop wasting my money; monies don’t grow on tree, I suffer to make my money”. It’s time to prove these comments wrong. Though it’s true, that physical monies don’t grow on trees, Gold has been found on trees.

Money may not grow on trees, but gold does; Gold has been found accumulated inside of tree leaves. Scientists have found that, trees growing over deeply buried deposits of gold ore, sport leaves with higher-than-normal concentrations of the glittering element, and has led to vast hidden underground gold deposits.

Recent research in Australia and other part of the world have revealed that, tree can be used to locate gold deposits that are more than 30 meters (100 feet) below the surface. Researchers have confirmed that deep-rooted Eucalyptus trees pilfer gold from ore deposits underground, and transport them into their leaves. 

According to researchers, the tree is a conveyor belt bringing gold to the surface, like other such elements in the earth, Small amounts of gold are dissolved in water and gets sucked up by the plant as it absorbs nutrients in the soil then, as a dissolved mineral, it gets transported throughout the tree, although the highest concentrations are typically found in leaves.

It has also be revealed that,, the gold deposit found on tree leaves are very small in quantity, and requires over 500 trees growing over a gold deposit to be able to make a gold ring (gold concentration of just 100 parts-per-billion in leaves, and about 50 ppb in twigs).

When you begin to see particles of gold inside plants, or in the leaves of trees; that is money on the tree, and… all doubts are cleared, that the area is a gold deposited area.

What will you do, if you suddenly found Gold particle in the leaves of trees in your house or your area?

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