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This is how close Jupiter and Saturn were in December 2020

As far back as October 2020, Jupiter and Saturn started drawing close to each other on a conjunction path.

This unique experience is assumed to be once in a life time experience even though it happens every 20 years. Many astronomers both experienced and the amateur ones were eagerly looking on to see how the conjunction between these two giants in our solar system will unfold.

In the month of December precisely the 21st day of 2020, the two giant planets came so close to each other at only 0.1 degrees apart to have almost appeared as a single star. To the naked eye, the two planets Jupiter and Saturn were looking like a single visible star but using a telescope, one can clearly see they were a little apart from each other.

To demonstrate how far the two planets were from each other considering even the 0.1 degree interval, it was calculated that the two giants Jupiter and Saturn, were actually 456 million miles apart.

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