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Education On Digestion

Digestion of Food In Humans :

Dear readers, I'm in your homes to educate you on how food taking into the body affect us positively and negatively.

People have heard the word digestion but don't know the vivid definition for it.

Digestion is the breakdown of food into simple soluble form for the body to absorb and use.

The human body system consist of different organs that performs one function.

When a food is chewed, it goes through the alimentary canal ( the alimentary canal is the system of path in the human body through which the food eating passes through to digest).

The alimentary canal consist of the;

1. Mouth ( also known as Buccal cavity)

2. Esophagus ( Gullet)

3. Stomach

4.Small intestine

5. Large intestine

6. Anus

In the alimentary canal, there are enzymes.

Enzymes are biological substances or chemicals that speed up the breakdown of food substances in the human body.

Good people out there, you should be careful to eat food at the appropriate time. We should know that digestion of ;

- carbohydrates begins in the mouth.

- protein begins in the stomach.

- fats and oils begins in the small intestine.

The beginning of the digestion of carbohydrates and protein is not quite harmful. But, we must avoid taking in fats and oils in the evening. This is because, before fats and oils will be digested it takes a long time. And when you take in fats and oils and sleep or sit at one place, it has an effect on you or leading to obesity and excessive fats in the body.

My education is to ensure you to put a stop to eating too late in the evening, and if possible exercise a little after taking a meal.

Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: Bernard (via Opera News )

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