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Why Is The Sky Blue? Find Out The Simple Answer

Most people look at the sky and out of curiosity ask themselves why the sky is blue. As we all see the sky everyday it is normal for us to ask ourselves these questions because out of all the colours why blue but not any other color.

And though it more often appears in blue, you might think the reason behind it would be easier to know and the truth is it is not all that hard, but it is not easy to. And I'm going to do my best to explain to you. So here we go. 

The reason the sky is blue is because of three main things put together. One, that sunlight is made out of light of many wavelengths. Two, that Earth’s atmosphere is made out of molecules that scatter different wavelength light by different amounts. And three, the sensitivity of our eyes. When these three factors are combined you will have a blue sky above your head. Let me explain further.

When the white light from the sun, which is made up of all the colors of rainbow put together, enters earth's atmosphere much of the red, yellow, and green wavelengths of light pass straight through the atmosphere to our eyes. The blue wavelengths which are short, however, hit and bounce off of the molecules of gas in the atmosphere. This causes the blue colour to be separated from the rest of the light and become scattered in every direction for everyone on earth to see. The other wavelengths stick together as a group, and therefore remain white, but the blue light dominate the sky making it appear blue to our eyes.

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