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The reason why the Atlantic ocean And the Pacific ocean Do not meet

There are numerous sorts of water and each kind of water has its own properties which vary absolutely from different kinds which makes water a novel substance. 

A many individuals have been astounded and pondering by the extraordinary idea of this gathering point of these two water bodies who converge at a point without stirring up yet rather stand independently all alone. 

This is no enchantment or anything heavenly outlandish on the grounds that logically it very well may be clarified. 

On one side of that ocean is pungent water and on the opposite side additionally lies freshwater, freshwater is less thick than pungent water which either makes it unthinkable for them to stir up or one of the water lines over the other. 

The Atlantic Ocean is known to have higher ocean surface saltiness than the Pacific Ocean at all scopes. This is believed to be related with the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation and profound water development in the high scope North Atlantic – a marvel that doesn't present anyplace in the Pacific, and reflected. 

Water particles retain red green and yellow and reflect and disperse blue, so we will in general see blue.

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