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What National Science and Maths Quiz Should Be Looking For Is This: Netizens React to New Technology

New technological developments are coming up each and every day. With the robust nature of social media and other media outlets, new advancements in technology as well as rare talents do go viral in no time.

Nowadays, we mostly hear about new technological developments around the world, especially in African countries. Ghana is part of the countries that has gained attention from people around the world so far as technological advances are concerned.

A popular media station has released a news item on the students of Takoradi Technical Institute. According to the news item, the students have brought about a technology that would prevent street lights and traffic lights from going off when their is light out. Below is the post made on the Facebook page of Yen.

Netizens have reacted joyfully to the new technological advancement, but they were sceptical about the future of this advancement.

Mohammed in his reaction believes that the leaders of the nation are more interested in other things than developing talents such as this. To what necessitates this reaction, we cannot tell.

Oliver Twist believes that practical work must replace theoretical work otherwise people may perish. He is also entitled to his opinion.

Felix Amakye also thinks that what Science and Maths Quiz pioneers must be looking out for is this. His idea tries to resonate with that of Oliver Twist who prefers practical work to theoretical knowledge.

Collins was at a labyrinth, wondering who may be able to help the students that have brought out this advancement.

The comments of Benjamin Boateng also proves that he is very skeptical about the future of the technology developed by the students.

In as much as many Ghanaians would be looking up to the government to help the students, it is likely that certain individuals can help them achieve their goals. If they are not able to gain assistance from the government, Ghanaians must do well to bring individuals on board to help.

Where do you think these students can get assistance from?



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