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Say bye to blindness as it will be a thing of the past; scientists develops a device for the blind.

Vision is one the five (5) basic senses which is integral to human living, as such the world have been doing various experiments to find solutions to people with vision challenges. 

According to research the Monash University have developed a device that will allow blind people to see again. 

According to them, this is the first bionic eye of it's kind in the world which has been under development for over a decade. It functions by bypassing weakened optic nerves to enable signals to be sent from the retina to the brain’s vision centre.

Users will have to wear a personalized headgear with a webcam and a wireless transmitter attached. A series of 9 mm tiles are inserted in the brain that collects signals from the receiver. Researchers have seen good outcomes with this project.

In this device, there is a hope for people who have lost their vision and will be able to see or feel something with the bionic eye.  

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