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Tallest Man Ever. See And Know Him.

The only admissible evidence upon the true height of Giants is that of recent date made under impartial medical supervision. These were the words of Norris and Ross Mc Whirter, the founder of Guinness world Records in 1955. They went on to dismiss claims for legendary Giants such as biblical Og, King of Bashan. The twins then named Robert Wadlow as the tallest Man of whom there is irrefutable evidence.

When last measured on 27th June 1940, the mild - mannered American stretched a straggering 2.72m. Perhaps surprisingly, Robert entered the world no different to most babies. He was born on 22nd February 1918 to two regular sized parents, weighing an unremarkable 3.85 kg. But he rapidly started to shoot up, reaching an incredible 1.63m by the age of five, by which time he was already wearing clothes and shoes intented for teenagers.

In 1936, the gentle giant graduated from high school and enrolled in college with the intention of studying law.

Sadly, it was Robert's legs that caused his premature death, aged just 22 years old. He died at 1:30 on 15th July,1940 in a hotel.

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