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A Mysterious Chinese Mountain That Lays Stone Eggs.

On Mount Gandang, located in the southwestern region of China, there is an interesting phenomenon that geologists, researchers and locals have been observing for decades. In the rocky walls of the base of the mountain, located in Guizhou Province, there is a cliff that locals call "Chang Dan Ya," which means "egg-laying cliff" in Mandarin, due to its ability to "lay" stone "eggs" every 30 years.

The stone eggs found range in size from 7-24 inch each. They have a dark blue hue and are almost perfectly smooth, allowing them to reflect sunlight at a certain angle after being cleaned and polished. The largest stones are found to weigh over 600 lbs!

The formation of these mysterious stone eggs is still being studied. Based on current research, it is believed that these eggs and the surrounding rocks in this region were formed during the Cambrian period about 500 million years ago. There a lot of secrets that I'm yet to reveal so expect more.

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