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Do dinosaurs still exist? See dinosaurs spotted and captured on camera in real life

Have you ever thought of it that the dangerous animals are now extinct. They existed but not anymore and such animals includes dinosaurs, dragons etc. These animals can kill millions of people in less than 1 hour.

Simply because the dragon for instance can breathe fire and turn its enemies into charred husk. The dinosaur also has the ability to chew more organisms because it has a large belly and it can trample on people killing them too.

God knew all these that's why he made those animals extinct because if they were to be alive the human population will be less, because I don't think a human being can stand such animals.

Even there are bombs and tank which may kill it, it cannot kill it fast so it will spoil the machine and get more angry which will make it destroy anyone it comes across.

So, I guess that's the reason why God cleared all those animals so that we will be safe. This shows how much he loves us, please do not do things to annoy him rather glorify his name and exult him.

Let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

Dinosaurs are pre-existing or prehistoric animals that do not exist anymore. But some dinosaurs have been spotted in real life and it will make you doubt whether they no more exist.

This is a river and the dinosaur was seen and swimming in the water. This means they do exist but have stayed on a low key.

At night, in front of a shop was a CCTV camera which captured a dinosaur walking about in the night. Do they still exist?

All these pictures shows that they may still exist. What is your think of it?

Do dinosaurs still exist?

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