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How 3 Robots Works Together in a Farm to Kill Weeds Without Using Chemicals and also Plant Seeds

The world is changing into a global village at a faster pace. Artificial Intelligence and the production of robots are on the rise, especially in the western world. In this modern world, unlike the olden days where everything was done by manpower, the manufacture of robots has helped human beings in so many ways. We could see robots nowadays working in all fields of life. The existence of robots has given human beings freedom when it comes to working, it has created ample time for human beings to relax and think about other fields of life.

In this article, we look at how three robots were given a mission to work on a farm. Small Robot Company in England has developed three robots that can find and kill weeds with electricity. The company's first commercial robot, Tom, Dick, and Harry is now operational on three UK farms. Once it is up and running, farmers could reduce costs by 40% and chemical usage by up to 95%, the company says. This will help save the funds spend on the farmland, also it will help do away with food poison and other chronic diseases we developed due to the usage of chemicals on the farmland and the crops.

This is How the 3 Robots Work Together

Tom, Dick, and Harry work together to kill weeds without using chemicals or any pesticides. The work has been divided for the three of them, Tom is to scans the field and collects the data on the farm, which is used by Dick to zap the weeds with electricity, before Harry plants seeds in the weed-free soil.

Why Ghana is left behind

Why can't we manufacture robots in Ghana? Do we lack the skills or is it because of our education system? Let me know your opinion in the comments section. Do we still use the old method of farming which is not helping our economy? Agriculture is the backbone of Ghana's economy, farming a large scale of land could help us boost our economy, creates jobs, and also exports food to other parts of the world but with manpower how can one farm a large scale of land? Is not possible and there are also no subsidies for the farmers, that's why many farmers are poor in the country because they only farm to get something on the table but not for the future.

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