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There Would Be No Jobs For People Again In 2030

Humanoid robots are able to talk, walk and do things like a humans, so does that mean they would be able to take over peoples jobs?

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, revealed the tesla bot at the company's Ai day event.

Tesla bot, a humanoid robot, is a slim ai and friendly 5.8ft robot that weighs 125 lbs because of the undisclosed light weight materials used in building it66. It would be able to carry 45 lbs and deadlift 150 lbs. The tesla bot is not fast. It reaches speeds of up to 5 mph. According to Elon Musk, "You would be able to outturn and overpower it."

One of the goals of the tesla bot is to eliminate dangerous repetitive boring tasks.

Some of the technical features of the bot are: The head would feature a screen for displaying information to anyone interacting with it. It would run on tesla's full self driving computer and autopilot system using 8 cameras to help.

Ai is a big part of tesla bot hence the use of neural net planning, simulation and multi-cam neural networks. The bot would be using all of the tools that can be found in tesla cars. Elon Musk said in his presentation that, one of the goals of the tesla bot is the habit to do things that it was not explicitly trained to do. For instance telling the bot to pick up your groceries should be doable. The bot would have 5 fingers and so should be able to do things like work with tools or carry a bag.

A prototype of the tesla bot could be a reality in 2022.

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