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Check details: how you can fly like a parrot,no matter how fat u are and you will love it.

According to article in Yale scientific, "it's mathematically impossible for humans to fly like parrot". For one, the wings— both span and strength— are in balance with a parrot's body size. Thus, an average adult male human would need a wingspan of at least 6.7 meters to fly.

And it's unlikely that we will achieve flight by flapping wings powered by our legs, Drela says in theory, human legs do have enough strength to do this, but only if the wing's span is large enough— at Lea 80 feet or so — and if they also weigh significantly less than the human. For human it's therefore few=180*1s 70000(2*360cm^2)=2/3rds of that, so 11700 flaps per second.

In fact a spider's own hox genes are what give it eight legs. So one main reason humans can't grow wings is because our genes only let us grow arms and legs. It seems like humans have always wanted to fly like a parrot. Does this seems like a reasonable thing?

Humans want to fly like parrot, but their bodies make it all but impossible. Humans have wing envy. Although mankind has conquered the skies with airplanes, we have yet to match up to our winged.

The wingsuit . Batman jokes aside, the wingsuit is pretty darn cool, and probably approximates personal flight more accurately than any of our other examples. Human powered helicopter. The personal jet wing. The backpack helicopter.

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