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Welcome to 5 most mysterious places on Earth

1. Easter Island Heads.

It was the Rapa Nui people who crafted and erected the 1,000-odd stone giants known as moai, around 900 years ago. But no one really knows how they managed to move the 40-foot-tall(12m) statue, which weigh around 14 tonnes each, into place - or why they exist at all.A prevalent theory is that the ancient Polynesians walked then from quarries using the stone platforms and placed them to mark freshwater sources. The statues` bodies are buried only to leave only the curious heads exposed. Now check out the Bermuda Triangle.

2. Bermuda Triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle - covering around 500,000 square miles (more than 1,290,000sqkm) between Bermuda, Miami in Florida and San Juan in Puerto Rico - has seen more than 20 planes and 50 ships crush with no obvious explanation and even some "vanish" completely. Theories range from suggestions of supernatural activity to the more logical hypothesis that`s down to magnetic compass variation or rouge waves.

3. The Great Pyramids Of Egypt.

The Giza`s trio of pyramids tombs make up one of the globe`s most recognizable sights. The biggest of the three - the Great Pyramid of Giza or Khufu is both the oldest of the seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the only still standing. Yet it still shrouded in mystery, with scholars continuously theorizing as to how much huge, intricate structure could be created without modern tools.

4. Nazca Lines.

Around 300 figures from a spider to a hummingbird are etched into the sand of the southern Peruvian desert, with some lines stretching more than 5 miles (3.2km) .The pre-Columbian geoglyphs, which covers around 200 miles (322km), long had celestial associations or were seen as a giant calendar.

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