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Scary Fact: Did you know Geese have teeth on their tongues, well find out why.

 Nature is truly so spectacular. 

The “teeth” you see in the photo above aren’t the same as the things you and I carry around in our gums. Unlike lizards and mammals, somewhere during their evolution birds lost the ability to produce enamel (Not “true” teeth in the sense that mammals or sharks or reptiles have teeth - enamel-covered cores of live bone that are separate and can be lost/regrown in many species). But they do have serrations on their bill and tongue that help them bite off tough grasses while grazing.

Enamel is the tough white stuff that coats our teeth and which makes them so hard. So those goose teeth won’t be as hard as your own but they would still come in handy cutting through things like grass. They would also let the goose get a better grip on slippery things like snails. What this photo shows is a row of sharp points, or serrations, inside the beak. Scientists have a word to describe those serrated birds’ “teeth”. They call them tomia.

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Geese Scary Fact


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