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Things you wont believe were found in the Sea

1) A river in the black sea:

This was discovered in the year 2010,marking the first time a river under water was found. anything the above water contains,the below water also contained its own. these things included water falls, river birds, flood plains etc.

2) The city of Pavlopetri:

This city was discovered off a cost in Greece in the year 1967. It covers a radius of 100,000 square meters but researchers had been able to map only a half of its distance. it is believed that this could be a part of the lost city of Atlantis.

3) A Sank Millitary Tank:

This discovery was made in June 1980 by a man named Klaus Lindemann. bombed and sanked on February 16,1945. It rests at 160 feet from below the depth of the sea.

4) An ancient Computer:

it is believed that this device is about 2,000 years old. It is also believed that this device is used to calculate movements of stars and planets. the device was later named the Antikythera mechanism. There is much mystery about this device since its main use is not much known. It is made up of 30 gears, decorated with 2000 characters which no researcher was able to understand. the device was owned by Ancient Greeks but was found in the ship of Romans.

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