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How to measure the temperature of a liquid using a thermometer.

The thermometer is first of all clean.

The liquid is gently stirred to ensure uniform distribution of heat.

The thermometer should be held at the end and knob ends and bulbs should remain in the liquid and should not touch the sides of the container.

The reading is been taken at the correct and maximum level of mercury in the bore of thermometer.

The thermometer is removed dried and inserted in each container and kept.

Clinical thermometer.

Clinic thermometer is a special type of mercury in glass thermometer used by doctors and nurses to determine the temperature of a patient.

The clinical thermometer has a temperature range between 34 degrees to 43degrees.

The average temperature of a healthy human being is 37 the place which is within the range of clinical thermometer.

The clinical thermometer has a special features called construction or kink.

The clinical thermometer should always be sanitized and and alcohol but nothing but water to prevent the thermometer from breaking.

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