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High-Tech Invention That Israel Is Using To Produce Raindrops in the Desert

Cloud seeding, according to KSP magazine, is a sort of weather modification that tries to influence the amount or type of precipitation that falls by releasing substances into the air that alter the cloud's microphysical processes. It's used to either increase or avoid precipitation. Chemicals released by aircraft aid in the production of ice particles. Particles grow heavy enough to fall as precipitation when they cool.

Instruments that emit electric charges could be utilized to transport the electric charges to air molecules. Infrared laser pulses are also employed to induce the formation of seed particles from ambient sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.

This technology aids in the enhancement of precipitation, the suppression of hail, the dissipation of fog, and the reduction of lightning by altering the natural growth of clouds. In the face of scorching temperatures, water shortages, and drought, Israel has turned to cloud seeding to bring rain. This technology is used by hydroelectric corporations to increase rainfall. More runoff equals more water for power generation. It is used to clear fog from airports by converting it to precipitation.

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