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Meet China's Most Beautiful Humanoid (Robot), She Can Talk & Express Herself Just Like A Human

The robotics is advancing rapidly and the robots are almost able to act like a normal person.

A female robot has been invented by the Chinese, which has surprised us because it was something we hadn't expected. The robot is called JIA JIA. A rudimentary conversation and interviews was held with this robot, and it can also show several facial expressions when requested to.

This robot has capabilities that are much beyond what anyone could have anticipated. There are many things it can do: cook, clean, explain itself, and even talk while being interviewed.

 No tremors, no fears, no shivers for this robot. She can do anything. It was designed to be tenacious when doing business. Not only that, but it speaks English fluently, Amazingly, she even has the ability to smile and frown. 

Most people mistakenly believe that Jia-Jia is human despite the fact that she is a robot with human-like characteristics such as speech and self-expression.

Jia-Jia, popularly known as the "Robot Goddess," She's sharp and knowledgeable, and she can communicate in multiple languages.

What do you think about jia-jia robot? Do you think this intelligent robot that can speak different Languages, communicate, cook and express her self will take over women in the sociality and their Jon. In your own understanding what do you have to say about this grate invention.

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Chinese JIA JIA


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