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How to cure headache using ginger

Headache is any form of pain which arise from the head or the upper neck of the body. The pain arise from the tissue and structures that surround the skull or brain. The thin layer of tissue that surrounds the bones, eyes, ears, the muscles which encase the skull, and as well as thin tissues that cover the surface of the brain and spinal cord, veins, arteries, and nerves, all can become irritated and cause pain. The pain can be sharp, a dull ache, mild, constant and intense.

Ginger contain pain relieving compounds that can cure headache.

Ginger reduce inflammation of the blood vessels in your head, which in turn lowers the pain.

There are two ways to make the ginger, is either by in heal steaming or making a tea with it.

First Method;


Pot of water

*Wash the ginger and cut into small pieces

* Put a pot of water on fire and when it start to boil, add the ginger to it and boil for a few minutes.

* Pour and drink

Second method:


Pot of water

* Wash and cut the ginger into small pieces, you can also use ginger powder.

* Put a pot of water on fire, add the fresh ginger or dried ginger powder to it.

* Pour into a bowl, stir and breath deeply into the steam. You can use a towel to cover your head to trap the steam but please make sure that you don't get too close so that you don't hurt your self.

Please you can try any of the method to get quick result.

Note; Taking in ginger might increase your risk of bleeding and lower your sugar level so please take caution if you have bleeding or blood sugar related condition.

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