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Mercury is the closest to the sun, but it is not the hottest planet. Venus is. This is why

There are currently eight(8) planet in the universe. The eight can be as more research is being done in space to find out more.

But with the eight that we have, it is the Sun that provides light to all.

In today's article, let us look at Sun, the very first planet(Mercury) and the next is Venus.

The planets are arranged directly from the sun as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Mercury is the closest to the sun as compared to Venus and other planet. But this does not make it the hottest. The hottest is the second planet from the sun which is Venus.

This is a bit odd right.

The reason is simple, the heat at Venus can even melt lead. Venus atmosphere traps heat from the Sun as an extreme version of the greenhouse effect that warms Earth. It has a heat level of 471 degree Celsius which will surely melt lead.

No space ship can survive on the planet for even 1 hour. The finest place for mankind to live is Earth.

This is the reason why Mercury is closer but Venus is hotter. Venus traps the heat from the sun but Mercury doesn't trap the heat.

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