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Story Of Extraordinary People on the Earth

Human genes are naturally created in human being just to give an identity and other human development. Our genes are inherited from our great grandparents so human genes are different from each other.

When your genes are changed (mutation) it affect your ability to act in a normal way. Gene’s mutation or change can be influenced by many factors some of these factor are some type of foods, genetics, some industrial exposures, being under radiation for long and other environmental factor. History of a boy who was born differently was told, he looks different from others but his parents love his, they said he is from heaven.

 For the greatest respect to humanity, his parent said some times he used to feed of herbs until some group of journalist discovered him and too him to school now he is in the school learning. He has been transformed from his old stage to awesome one so please do discriminate others because of their identity or physical appearance. Thank you for ready


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