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The Day Aliens Came To A Football Stadium. Do Aliens Like Football?

When we talk about football, all we focus on is what goes on, on and off the pitch. We barely research on some unknown facts that happened in football in the past. Tell me, which football fact was really mind-blowing to you when you first saw it.

I might not know yours but for mine, it's about when aliens interrupting a football match by, mistakenly, stopping their spaceship right above a football stadium.This is just a fictional story?

Not really. This story about aliens coming into a football stadium started spreading in the 1950s. Many people, including me, didn't really believe in this until an eyewitness explained what exactly happened at that moment when the aliens showed up.Do you believe in the existence of Aliens?

In a nutshell, it was reported that 67 years ago, an Italian club called Florentina were hosting a match against Pistoises who are their rivals. This match took place at the stadio Artemi Franchi on 27 October 1954. As the match kicked off, nothing really showed until the game started after the half-time.An eyewitness like Gigi Boni who was narrating it added that, the fans were shocked because they have never seen such a thing in their entire lifetime. They were all looking up(there weren't smartphones by then, so no post of it was made on social media)not so far, the players also saw it above them, the referee had to pause the game because, I guess he was scared the ship might fall on them.What did they see?

As I said, we can only call it a spaceship, but observers advise us to call it them (UFO) unidentified flying object. Is this really true?I can't really finalize this incident, but a player who also witnessed it claims that it's true, that incident really took place. He's called is Romolo Tuci.It sounds astounding, right.

Though many people will never agree that aliens do exist, players like Gareth Bale believes in the existence of Aliens, and he even tried convincing Harry Kane to believe in it during his time at Tottenham last season, but unfortunately, Harry Kane didn't understand him clearly. Chris smalling also claimed he saw a UFO together with his wife when they were on a holiday in Jamaica.

UFO is widely known in the Americas because there have been many reports from people claiming to have seen something with looks like that. Do you think this story is true?

I know you are surprised to hear this unknown story about aliens.Thanks for your time.As always,"we see differently"

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