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Are we alone in the universe?

For years scientist have been thinking over the question "are we alone"?. Does live exist on any other planet in the universe?

In the early generations, scientist had put their sight on Mars as a candidate for life but when their first unmanned mission machine landed on Mars in December 2nd 1971, the pictures it sent back to earth was disappointing the planet was red, dusty, without water or life but scientist believe perhaps some few million or billion years ago Mars was just like earth because water in the form of ice has been found on the planet among other evidences.

Another candidate in our solar system is Titan it is one of Saturn's moon and the second largest natural satellite in the solar system it is the only moon known to have a dense atmosphere and stable bodies of surface liquid but we do not know yet if it holds life but if it does it is surely not intelligent life.

Enceladus is also the sixth largest moon of saturn and it mostly covered with fresh, clean ice which makes it one of the most reflective bodies in the solar system but scientist believe under the ice is liquid water which might hold life.

Now let's set our eyes outside our solar system. The universe is huge and the chances of us being alone is really small, another candidate is proxima centauri b. If you wanna learn about proxima centauri b watch out for my next article. Love you all and thanks for reading.

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