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Checkout the GMO Chicken Being Reared By Israeli Farmers

According to MSK magazine, Israeli geneticists created a bare-skinned prototype chicken that is lower in calories, faster-growing, environmentally friendly, and more likely to survive in warmer conditions. Nutrients wouldn't go into producing feathers, and there would be no feathers to get rid of at the end.

Layers have been so dramatically altered that they can lay more than 300 eggs per year, while their ancestors in the jungle laid about two dozen annually. Modern meat chicken weighs up to three kilograms: almost double the size of a chicken from 60 years ago. They also manage to reach their size in six weeks, whereas it took a bird in the 50s up to 15 weeks to grow fully.

Researchers have genetically modified chickens to produce human proteins in their eggs. They modified their genomes so as to produce eggs that have high quality-proteins. Protein-based therapies such as cancer treatments, Herceptin and Avastin can be effective where traditional drugs fail. It is also used to stimulate damaged tissues to repair themselves and improve the immune system. Chicken that produces these is injected with human genes.

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