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10 Discoveries Of Giants You Will Not Believe Exist

Giants have existed in human history in different forms. Sometimes called ogres giants are thought to be creatures, so big that the earth trembled when they walked.

Many people believed that these stories about giants are just fairy tales, while others believe that giants did exist in our physical world. In this article, I’ll show you the top 10 most mysterious discoveries of giants you don’t know.

Number 10 Giants of Death Valley

Giant bodies were found in an underground network of tunnels in death valley.

The bodies were found with remains of prehistoric animals, precious items, and huge weapons. The giant human skeletons were 9 feet tall and about 80 000 years old, a newspaper in San Diego first reported the news in 1947, but the story, along with the giant, remains, seemed to have disappeared in thin air. How could such a historic discovery just fade away? What a strange world, indeed. 

Number 9 Chinese Giants

In 2017, archaeologists unearthed skeletal remains of unusually tall people in Shandon China. It was believed that these giants may have lived in China some 5 000 years ago.

The human-like bones were very huge and strong, and at heights of up to 1. 9 meters, along with these bones, pottery and various jade items were also found. This archaeological finding was more amazing because people in China are not known to be that tall. If china had giants imagine how tall prehistoric people from other countries would be.

Number 8 Giant Skeleton of India

Could there have been a race of giants in India? Well, crowds flocked to an archaeological site where a group of explorers unearthed the skeletal remains of a human of phenomenal size measuring 18 feet in height.

This must be the tallest human skeleton in India. The entire exploration was supported by National Geographic experts who believed that the giant skeleton was part of the remains of ancient people who were created with phenomenal size.

Number 7 Giant Ape Tooth.

A German scientist visited an apothecary in Hong Kong looking for dragon teeth, during his visit, he stumbled upon a large molar in a dusty drawer of trinkets. The most interesting fact is that the tooth did not belong to a dragon or an ape.

Rather, it was evident in the existence of a gigantic creature called Epithecus. The Epithecus is the largest species of primate ever discovered and is believed to have partial human origins. Members of this species stood about 10 feet tall and weighed 1200 pounds. The tooth found by German scientists dated back 9 million to 100 000 million years. This Story kind of reminds one of king kong, doesn't it?

Number 6 Mexican Giants

In march 2015, a photo went viral on social media showing gigantic human skulls. These skulls were allegedly unearthed in a small village in Sierra de Tapalapa in Southern Mexico. It was later revealed that the picture wasn't authentic. It's a graphic artist's work.

Nevertheless, the picture did spark a discussion about a giant race known as Kina Mezzin that supposedly roamed Mexico at 20 feet tall Zegua, and 10 feet tall Till Casin were said to be members of this family. An amazing discovery, indeed.

Number 5 Mysterious Giant Skeleton

In the Krasnodar region of the Northern Caucasus, a team of Russian archaeologists made a wonderful discovery while excavating a historical site.

They found the bones of giants. The bones are believed to be the remains of ancient people belonging to the bronze age who lived about 4 000 years ago. Archaeologists revealed that the male skeletons measured a full two meters in height, while female skeletons measured, approximately 1.7 meters.

Number 4 The Giant of Ohio

This is a giant story from Ohio, workmen engaged in excavating, a cellar located on webster street across from a mammoth skeleton one day.

The large-sized skeleton clearly indicated that the human to whom the skeleton belonged was of giant stature. The skeleton measured seven feet in height most of the bones of this gigantic skeleton crumbled as soon as they were exposed to the air. Hence, archaeologists were not able to ascertain whether it was of American origin or Indian origin. One thing is certain the remains must have been interred a long long time ago.

Number 3 The Giant Skull of a Cyclops

Some discoveries may sound like creepypasta, but they were actually real stories on a foggy winter day a group of men suddenly came across something that was completely out of the ordinary. An enormous skull with the socket of a single eye was discovered.

The grotesque-looking skull belonged to a massive monster. Archaeologists linked the skeleton to a huge mammal giant called a cyclops that only had one red eye. It was estimated that this cyclops was six feet tall and weighed six tons. This intriguing fossil was estimated to be at least 3 million years old.

Number 2 The famous Giant of Altzo

Researchers recently unearthed the remains of a famous giant, Miguel Joaquim Eleicegui. Miguel is considered an important historical figure. He traveled throughout Europe in the 19th century and met with royalties like Queen victoria.

It is believed that Miguel was born with gigantism as a grown man. He stood seven feet tall and weighed 470 pounds after his death in 1861. His remains were interred in a cemetery in Spain. Surprisingly, his skeletons, which were long thought to have been stolen, were later found in the same cemetery where he was originally buried.

Number 1 Unique Giant Skeleton in Thailand

A huge ancient humanoid skeleton was found in a cave in Krabi, Thailand. The skeleton was a male and measured about 6 meters. However, the most amazing fact about this skeleton is that next to the giant skeleton was found remains of a serpent.

It is said that the giant skeleton must have been killed by a horned snake in a cave. This discovery sparked widespread public curiosity. It left people wondering whether snakes sneak into graves to feast on the dead. 

Which of these discoveries was the most amazing? Like and don’t forget to leave your comment in the comment section below.

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