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How To Easily Identify An Intelligent Person

According to Hannah Batty, "I don't know the science behind it, but intelligent people have a striking, piercing, transparent look in their eyes that people with low intelligence don't have. I can tell from someone's eyes whether they are intellectually intelligent. intellectual or not. Their eyes reflect how their brains work - focused attention to detail and fast and fluid processing of visual and auditory information.

“When I look at someone with low intelligence, their eyes look dull, teary, almost empty. Their eyelids may droop lower over their eyes instead of fully opening - almost as if they were sleepy.

"These are people who I inevitably repeat over and over again when explaining simple information or instructions, and people who ask stupid questions that someone with average or above average intelligence would not ask (because the answers or the solution will be obvious to them.) they will.) Some of them may be great, but most are not; your mind is just slow.

“Perhaps other people have also observed this phenomenon. What I do know is that, in my experience, first impressions of what the eye looks like are rarely wrong; and I have a lot of experience with it.

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Hannah Batty


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