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Ladies, Do You Have Two Holes On Your Lower Back? Then See What It Means

There are many surprises in our bodies. Here's one of them: Do you know what back or butt dimples are? Dimples of Venus are tiny holes or dimples made on the lower backs of women. They are also referred to as "Venus Holes." They are known by men as "Apollo Holes."

Here's a thorough explanation of the Venus Holes.

Venus has cratered.

These holes are caused by a minuscule ligament that is under pressure between the posterior superior iliac spine and the skin. They are more frequently found where the two bones of the pelvis converge. Because there isn't a muscle in the region, the skin extends to fill the space, leaving a small depression or "hole" in the skin just above the waist.

Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, is honored with the name "Venus" because she is said to represent beauty.

You don't always have these nice indentations. Venus holes cannot be created; one is either born with them or one is not.

So, what does it all mean?

Your health will benefit from these gaps. The "Venus Holes" represent a healthy body and blood circulation. They are sexual as well. Orgasms are easier to achieve in people with Venus Holes. This is due to the Venus holes' ability to stimulate healthy circulation and their advantageous positioning in the pelvic region, which facilitates climaxing. Since they are more easily stimulated and tend to enjoy it more, those with the Apollo or Venus dimples engage in sex more frequently.

Weight loss can benefit from the Venus holes.

If your dimples are very obvious, you are underweight, which means you have a healthy weight and a pleasant, active life, according to medical professionals.

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