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Find out the only parts of the body that never grow. They remain the same till death.

Growth is part of human life. Every single part but one of the human body grows each and every time till death. People still grow even when they are sick. The body stops growing when it is dead. 

There some parts of the human body which do not grow. They remain the way it is from day one of birth till the last day on Earth.

The Cornea in the eye is one of the part of the body which does not grow. It remain the same from the day it began to see till it closes off. The Cornea of the eye is the black spot found on the eye. It is the main part of the eye that help people to see. The size of it does not increase or reduce. A person has the same eye cornea since day one. The human skin is the part which do cover parts of the eye when one is a kid. The more we grow, the eye begins to show well. But the cornea remain the same. This is why most people say kids has big eyes. The cornea is the part of the body which does not grow.

However research has also shown that, not only the cornea of the eye does not grow, but also the innermost ear ossicle which is called Stapes. Its size is about 3 mm at birth and doesn't change in size as we grow. That means, it will prove that two parts of the body does not grow.

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