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Checkout Pictures Of Man With Mutilated Face That Has Got Internet People Reacting (Photos)

Faces are some of the most visible and relevant visual and social stimuli that humans encounter. Attractive people were associated with positive character traits and social skills and automatically evoked stronger neural reactions than moderately attractive people in the occipital-temporal ventral cortical area.

Little is known that the visual nerve responses amplify into attractive faces more of an attentional effect on facial prominence than on its beneficial traits.

Judgment day, Armageddon or whatever, is closer than Christians think. The things mentioned in the Bible are slowly repeated, Christians are aware that the end is near.

Images of a young man with a horribly mutilated face around chicks, noise and mouths that scare internet users have emerged.

This viral photo of the young man shows his chick being removed, exposing the inside of his mouth.

His tongue also appears to have been mutilated to look like a double face.

Check out the photos that just surfaced causing havoc on the internet.

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