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Most beautiful place on planet earth

Earth is a planet I think is very blessed. It has many resources and is a very safe place to live unlike Mercury and Neptune planet in which there is extreme hotness and coldness respectively.

Earth is beautiful though other planets there are beautiful things there planet earth passes all of them. The most beautiful place on planet earth has been discovered. Below is the most beautiful place on planet earth:

The above picture is the most beautiful place on earth planet. There is a water falling steeply like a water fall and there is no dirt in thw water so it's purely blue.

Though water has no colour the one you are seeing is unique. There are also green grasses filled around the water and there is a circle full of water, the water in the circle isn't that much because it falls steeply anytime water comes into it.

The water can even be used as a swimming pool because it's not much. In fact, that's the most beautiful place on planet earth.

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