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Google Facts: check out the finest collection of facts that will enlight your perception about life.

1. Swordfish have literal heat vision.

2. Sound in the environment affects the taste of the things you eat and drink.

3. Every single British tank has a built-in boiling vessel so the crew can have cheeky mid-battle tea breaks.

4. Necrobotics, the use of dead organisms in machines is a new field of study.

5. Camels first originated in North America.

6. Japan has a poo-flavoured restaurant.

7. Salivating before vomiting is a way for your body to protect your teeth from the incoming stomach acid.

8. Beetroot juice was actually used as a temporary red hair dye in the 16th century, particularly by Victorians.

9. Goat milk digests in 20 min while cow milk takes up to 8 hours.

10. Ancient Romans looked down on men with long dicks and actually preferred shorter dicks.

11. To store the contents /consciousness of the human brain we would need an estimated 2000 exabytes of storage. ( 1 exabyte = 1000000 TB ).

12. The common first name Stacy is the diminutive form of the name Anastasia.

13. In 1972, 80,000 Ugandan Asians were expelled from Uganda because they were 'better off than Ugandan Natives'.

14. The guillotine was still being used as a method of execution up until 1977.

15. The first vacuum cleaners were horse-drawn.

16. Rabbits may eat their own offspring when stressed.

17. A baby can survive outside the womb as early as 21 weeks and 5 days.

18. Poland and Italy are the only countries in the world that mention each other in their respective national anthems.

19. In 1944, Germany was spending 75% of its GDP on military expenditure.

20. An umbrella was used by Bulgarian spies during the Cold War to assassinate a dissident by firing a pellet filled with ricin.

21. Some species of flatworms fence with their dual-headed penis to determine who becomes the female. The loser (the one that gets inseminated) becomes the female and produces the eggs (which costs a lot of energy).

22. From 1849 till 1978 Black Men of African Descent were not allowed to hold the Mormon Priesthood.

23. Emotional stress can affect the scent of a vagina.

24. Dogs can sense weak thermal radiation with their noses.

25. In the Middle Ages, Christians believed that Muslims worshipped a god named Termagant

26. Being upside-down for an extended period of time could kill you.

27. Whale foreskin is used to make leather goods.

28. Prehistoric monkeys migrated from Africa to South America by traversing the Atlantic Ocean on natural rafts

29. 1 in 4 people suffer from Trypanophobia, extreme fear of needles.

30. The average person produces 11,000 gallons (41600 L) of pee in their lifetime, enough to fill up two 16-foot above-ground pools two times.

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