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5 Signs You Are A High Level Thinker

To be a highly intelligent person, you don't need high IQ, know bunch of facts or be good at maths or science. According to experts, highly intelligent people even don't realize how intelligent they really are. Researchers found that intelligent people prefer to be alone. Smarter people tend to experience lower satisfaction in life more often they socialize. However, if you are social butterfly, it doesn't mean you are not smart. I have summarized some traits below which are common if you’re a intelligent person:

1.    You are curious about the world

Intelligence is often correlated with reading many books, knowing a lot of information, but being intelligent is about having curiosity to learn different things. Intelligent people like learning about other people, culture, tradition, history, animals, and world at large.

2.    You are observant

In general, people who talk to prove themselves who they are, intelligent people are opposite. They don't boast about their achievements or spend time in justifying an argument rather they are quiet and observant.

3.    You have good working memory

A good working memory is correlated with general intelligence. It shows executive functioning skills, ability to focus and pay attention.

4.    You like to go with flow

If you are flexible in your thoughts/thinking and like to go with flow, it reflects you’re highly intelligent person. It shows you can solve problem and find solutions rapidly.

5.    You know your limits

Intelligent people don't act as if they know everything. They know their limits and focus on their weakness and try to overcome them.

So being intelligent is not only about knowing a lot of information, reading a lot of books, rather it’s a combination of being compassionate, curious, observant, being flexible and knowing your limits.

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