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The most common types of dreams and their possible impact in real life.

Do you remember the time you were enjoying that delicious bowl of fufu and light soup at a nice restaurant, only to open your eyes and realize it was a dream? Or the other time you were being chased by something but your legs felt too heavy to run and you woke up with relief that it wasn’t real? Well some researchers believe these occurrences are more mental than anything, as most of us will immediately attach cultural beliefs.

Since dreams are such an interesting case study several researchers have conducted studies and multiple tests on sleeping patients.Among these are the most commonly reported dreams people have had at least once in their life.

1.Being chased by animals;This is a type of dream I used to have frequently as a child.A dog or something ominous would chase me and I would try my best to escape it.According to these researchers the brain is trying to tell you there is perhaps an issue you are not addressing which was in the form of the animal.So past trauma could be in the form of animals chasing a pets in the dream which will translate to fear and anxiety in real life.

2.Eating; this has to be one of the most common forms of dreams.Even though in some cultures this is a sign of bad omen,some researchers argue that going to bed on an empty stomach or craving for a particular meal can manifest in the form of eating in one’s dreams.

Other forms of common dreams include being naked in public, which could symbolize shame and also having sexual relations in dreams which is more typical for men.

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By: nessavage

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