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Making Your Move: Things To Consider When Taking The First Step Towards Your Crush

Taking the first step is always less obvious whether in love or other circumstances. Despite the fear of getting started, you still have to take the plunge. But, do you have to prepare yourself or get started right away? In reality, it does not require any preparation. You just need to know how to pick up the signs to avoid wasting time with someone who will certainly reject you. "Take the first step" or "break the ice" simply means "take the initiative". However, in seduction this initiative depends entirely on the situation in which the person finds himself.

Moreover, its meaning in terms of seduction may be different for everyone. For some people, this means "approaching someone you like to get to know them". For others, it means kissing the person or being the first person to approach them or revealing their feelings to them. Know that all of these definitions are true. In fact, the notion is much broader, it is about taking a first step towards a future love affair. The fact of addressing a girl is already a first step to get his phone number. Sending the first text is also a first step towards a future date . And kissing the person for the first time is the first step in a love affair. Even deciding to find love on the internet is already a first step. You decide to go to people and then seduce the one you like.

Take the first step: the pros and cons

Decision making must be done without fear . In fact, it must be overcome, but not be seen as a brake on the first step. It is normal to fear rejection , yet it is a big step towards personal development. If the person you like says "no" to you, they are not yet the right person. By obtaining a refusal, you can better face the next ones, because in love there are always winners and losers. It is thus necessary to be a good loser and to continue to recover. This is why it is important to overcome shyness, whether in seduction or in other situations.

Good reasons to take the first step

These few points make it possible to determine the good reasons for taking action. The first is being able to take your chance and that is very important. You avoid missing someone you like without speaking to them. In the second point, you fight against your shyness . To fight fear, you must learn to face it. You must then get started even if you fear the rest of the story. In truth, rejection can become a driving force for increasing your self esteem. Experience teaches you what to do and what not to do in seduction.

Addressed especially to women: many men like assertive women who dare to take the first step. Indeed, some men (shy, lacking in self confidence.) prefer to be approached rather than come to you first. When the opportunity arises you can go for it, the man you like might be someone quite reserved.

A reason to avoid taking the first step

The most obvious reason is the refusal to move things forward quickly, or even force them. Indeed, in seduction and in love, everyone waits for the alchemy to do its work. In the event that you do get started, it may happen that you or the other person have an impression of artifice. The relationship you have with her is more or less wrong.

How long to wait before starting?

To avoid being overcome by fear, it is better to take the first step as soon as the opportunity presents itself . There is no point in waiting too long, as your feelings may grow, but your courage also gradually disappears. Especially since the fact of waiting makes you think of multiple possible approach tactics. You then end up with no flirtation technique, because you have a hard time deciding which one to use. While waiting, a lot of questions may come to your mind. You ask yourself "what to say? Am I going to please him? How's my breath? Am I well dressed? "And, etc. You can also start to idealize the person: "he or she is too handsome or beautiful, I feel intimidated. I'm shaking, no, I don't want to go". The "three seconds" technique that many men know can be of great help. Count "1, 2, 3" and go for it , before the questions invade you. You have to go there as soon as you feel it.

Who should take the first step, man or woman?

Currently, whether you are a man or a woman, you have the right to flirt with, charm and seduce anyone you like . In the past, the idea that men should take the first step was rooted in all cultures. Women are now free to make a decision and avoid waiting for men to make it for them. However, many men are still shocked that it is the woman who takes the first step towards them. In general, men accept that women do it, but rather want them to do it first. In women, taking the first step can also be frowned upon. Some of them prefer that the man assert himself and take the first step. Besides, everyone has their own opinion.

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