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Meet The Man Who Happily Married A Sex Doll, They Had A Lovely Wedding Ceremony (Photos).

These days, the kind of news updates about life that we see or hear of around the world especially through the various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the rest can be quite annoying and weird. One might wonder if they are actually very true or if its just a joke. However, the bitter truth is, most of these stories are nothing but the sad truth, no matter how weird or strange they actually tend to be.

So earlier today, i was scrolling through my Facebook feed reading funny memes and jokes, then I came across some pictures and a writeup about a man called Yuri Tolochko, from the country of Kazakhstani who has shockingly married his female s3x doll. Yuri is a popular body builder in his country and what shocked people even more is that he got married to the doll in a jaw-dropping wedding ceremony.

Yuri Tolochko married his s3x doll fiancée, Margo in a traditional ceremony in 2019. Actually, the ceremony was made to look like it was just a normal happy wedding, even the guests who attended were much and they all seemed happy for Yuri. was graced by dozens of happy guests. According to the body builder, he is happily in love with her, he named her "Margo".

See more pictures of the happy couple below;

What do you think about this man and his wife who is a doll?

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Kazakhstani Margo Yuri Tolochko


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