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Reasons Why Couples Eventually Start To Look Alike After Living Together

Well, you may have noticed the similarity between the number of years the couple has been together and the similarities between them now. Every couple has a lot in common, some even have similar facial features. But there are couples who look like brothers.

We also noticed such a trend and decided to find out what our educated friends, scientists, think about this interesting and puzzling phenomenon. Who knows? There may be something for everyone.

They look like our parents

They say that a man who keeps his word tends to marry his mother. His wife bears some, if not close, resemblance to her mother in both manners, demeanor, and appearance. Scientists confirm that we choose a partner who not only looks like us, but also looks like our other s3x parents. The most important factors here are the color of our hair and eyes and the age of our parents. If your parents were not young when they got you, then most of the time you are looking for a partner who is older than you.

Number of years spent together

A social psychologist, American Robert Zanjonz, compared photos of couples on their wedding day and then photos taken 25 years after the wedding. His research clearly shows that even if husbands and wives don't have facial similarities, some of them appear very identical, if not accurate, after 25 years. Another great fact from Robert's survey: the more marital happiness a couple shared, the bigger their facial expressions.

sharing experiences

Well, another reason you might look the same is to share experiences with your partner or lover. In the course of their life together, the couple experienced many happy and sad moments together. Everything they experience together as a couple affects their bodily communication and emotional state. Their story is "written" on their faces: even couple wrinkles sometimes form in the same place.

We are attracted to people who are similar to us.

According to other studies, people are attracted to those who have something in common with them. This is known as ordered mating and is a theory that suggests that people with the same phenotype mate more often. If they are the same, chances are that your child is very similar. Scientists also believe that this is how humans try to pass their genes on to the next generation.

Such an immune system

Well, in case you didn't know, our immune system reflects our lifestyle, including our eating and exercise habits. A group of scientists have concluded that couples who have been married for years have very similar immune systems. Maybe that's why these two often share their habits and lifestyle.


Couples who are in sync with each other often reflect each other's habits as well as body language. This shows that there is emotional comfort and trust in their relationship. Researchers say couples tend to change their own habits throughout their family lives to adapt to each other. For example, if one partner tries to quit smoking and eat healthy, the other partner will often do the same.

And despite all the differences and similarities, it's best to still fall in love with your special person. Imagine my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary.

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