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4 Things You Should Never Do To Please A Woman.

As a man, no matter how much you love a woman, there are certain things you should not do in the name of pleasing a woman. I understand that it is the duty of a man to make his woman happy, but you should still understand that there is a limit. It is very important as a man, you should not go out of your way to please a woman or let a woman take advantage just because you admire her.

I know as a man, sometimes you want to please your woman or make her happy, which is not wrong. But as a man, you should go out of your way or do something you will have to regret later all in the name of pleasing her. It is advisable as a man while pleasing her, there are certain things you should not do just to please her.

1. As a man, you should ignore the way they make you feel in a certain situation. Today, some men ignored the way they feel just for an argument not to come up. As a man, you should always speak when you're hurt, so correction can be taken. When you're hurt as a man and don't speak up, the hurt remains in your heart. And there is a high chance that the same thing that hurt you can still happen again. But when you speak up, it gets corrected.

2. As a man. You should not change who you are just to please a woman. Today, some men pretend to be who they are not just to please a woman. Which is totally wrong. As a man, it is important that you should always be yourself all the time. You don't have to pretend to be who you are not just to please a woman. A relationship where you are pretending to be who you are not can't last long. As a man, you should understand that a woman who truly loves you will love you for who you are. And not what you're pretending to be.

3. Pretend to have the same hobbies.

As a man, you don't need to change your hobbies and what you like doing most. Just to please a woman. If you have the talents in what you do best. You don't need to leave it behind just to pretend that you like something they also do just to please her.

4. Disrespecting your family.

No matter the issues. Or how hard you're trying to please a woman. You should never disrespect your family for any reasons. Or try to show how bad your family is just to get her attention to you. You should understand that family is the only people that are always going to stand with you. So if she leaves, you should know that it is your family that will still be behind you. So you should always be proud of your family and never disrespect your family or cut them off just to please her.

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