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Video Drops As Side Chick Jumps From A 4th Floor Storey Building To Escape From Wife, Netizens React

Your favorite author, Mdk Banahene is here once again with another gist, concerning side chicks and their daily wahala. You know you can't afford to make your day a memorable one by missing out some trending stories and videos circulating on the various social media platforms, it will definitely be a boring day for you.

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Why do slay queens find it very difficult to stay away from people's husband considering the kind of hard challenges they faces all the time? Several videos has been surfacing on the internet capturing some hard times these Slay queens go through in the hands of their cheating partners wives.

Some got beaten severely whiles others take high risks to free themselves in the hands of these angry wives. This is the case of one particular side chick who took a very risky and bold decision by jumping through a window from a 4th floor storey building leaving her with life threatening injuries just to escape from the wife of her married boyfriend.

 It appeared the side chick visited her man who lives on the 4th floor of a high rise building after she was told that the man’s wife was not around.

However, in the heat of the moment as the side chick and her boyfriend were having their fun, there was a knock on the door.

According to reports, the husband enquired who was at the door, unexpectedly, the voice he heard was no other person than his wife who had returned from town impromptu.

Out of fear of being busted, the side chick decided to find a way out and the only option she had is to jump from the window. This lady had the spirit of braveness to jump from the window of the storey building of which reports indicates is a 4th floor unto someone's Black Toyota Camry parked down there.

The car which was in good shape is seen totally damaged after she landed on it. And from the video, the lady can be seen badly hurt as she is seen finding it difficult to move herself on the car. Why would she risked her life like that?

Screenshot Of The Scene Showing The Car's Condition Before She Jumped On ItScreenshot Of The Scene Showing The Damaged Car After The Side Chick Jumped On It And Injured Herself

Check Out Some Reactions From NetizensClick Here To Watch The Video

Content created and supplied by: MdkBanahene (via Opera News )


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