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Photos: What A Soldier Did To A Guy And The Girlfriend In Public

Love is sweet and there are so many ways people express their love to their partners. From the footages a man Is Seen Seen kneeling with the girlfriend instructed by a soldier. The soldier was holding a gun and it was sad at that moment because everyone was wondering what was going on. At the beginning of everything we all taught the guy has done something to the soldier. Whether the girl is his girlfriend that the guy has snatch from him or the guy has something really bad.

After some minutes , the soldier commanded the guy to take what is in the pocket out. The guy put the hand in the pocket and brought it out. To our surprise ,what the guy brought from the pocket was a promise ring for the lady. The guy brought it and asked the lady will you marry me. It seems everything was planned and as to whether the guy to is a soldier or is a friend to the soldier we are yet to find out. The girl was so happy and everyone around was happy for them. The soldier went his way and left the two.

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