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Divorce Affair

A man who was caught cheating on his wife had no option than to jump from a storey building (video)

The union between a man and a woman is usually for better and also for worse. All over the world, marriage is classified as a symbolic union between a man and a woman who have agreed to live together in harmony. Once any of them goes into a relationship with another person, he or she has violated the vows on which the marriage is rooted. Cheating is usually the preliminary cause of break ups in relationships and so most partner are prepared to fight with all their might to kick out any form of intrusion.

This article is about a man whose wife caught him cheating on her with another woman. According to sources, the man is a police and his wife works at a local restaurant in the neighbourhood. The incident took place in South Africa. While his wife was at work, the policeman had completed his duty for the day, earlier than expected so he came back home and it appears he didn't come alone. He came with his "side-chick".

The exact thing that prompted his wife to come back into the house is not know but apparently she came back to the house earlier than expected and to her surprise, she found her husband in bed with another woman. She vented her anger on the two of them by beating them up. The helpless man had no other option than to jump out of their bedroom window. An onlooker was taking a video of the entire incident. The man held on to the window and suspended his body outside for a while before jumping.

The height he had to jump before escaping the beatings from his wife was about one storey tall. It looked like a painful thing to do but this man had no other option.

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